Thursday, August 13, 2009

White chocolate & macadamia blondies

I spotted this blondie recipe on the Exclusively Food blog, and had to make some for my brother's birthday as he is a big white chocolate fan. The recipe is here.

Now unfortunately I wasn't able to take these to my brother's for his birthday last night. I'd left it late to start making them, and in my haste I burnt 2 of my fingers on a hotplate which I had turned on to melt the butter and chocolate. So having one hand vitually out of commission with pain, I enlisted the help of my hubby for the small amount of chopping necessary, and I took far longer than I normally would have to get the mixture ready to bake. By then, we were running late, so as soon as the blondies were cooked, we left them to cool and left them behind and rushed to my brother's place for dinner.

When we got home they were cool, so I removed them from the tin and cut them. They tasted good last night, but they taste even better this morning! They are beautifully moist, and the mild creaminess of the macadamias goes perfectly and doesn't take over the flavour of the white choc. I probably prefer the peanut butter and white chocolate blondies I made recently, but for serious white chocolate afficionados or non-pb lovers, these are it!

I didn't attempt to reduce the fat of these at all - I used normal butter and Cadbury Dream chocolate. I cut 24 pieces as the recipe suggests, and this makes for quite small pieces, but they are very rich, so this seems a good size to me. They work out at 4.5 points each (WW).

I should be seeing my brother tomorrow - hopefully there'll be some left to give him!

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