Saturday, September 19, 2009

Double dip Mars Bar slice

Love chocolate crackles? I used to, though I am not sure I could come at them now with the copha content. So happily I found this recipe, which reminds me of chocolate crackles, but is so much better, with its gooey choc caramel flavour and good quality chocolate topping. There'd be nothing to stop you from making them in individual patty cases for a more authentic chocolate crackle experience - indeed I am thinking of doing exactly that for DS2's next birthday.

Combine 260g chopped Mars Bars with 125g chopped butter in a saucepan. Stir over low heat to melt.

I find the nougat is surprisingly resistant to melting, but then eventually it gives in, and the mixture becomes slightly foamy as it yields to the heat and melts, and then the mixture becomes smooth.

Once it is all smoothly melted together, stir the mixture into 4 cups of rice bubbles and then press into a greased and lined 19-20cm square cake tin. Place into the fridge to chill for about 3 hours or until set. I found it didn't need this long. 30 mins is adequate if you are eager to get the topping on so you can sample a piece ;) .

Melt together 200g good quality milk chocolate and 30g butter. I do this in the microwave on medium, but it could be done in a bowl over a pan of simmering water. I have made this recipe 3 times, using different methods - in the microwave, in a bowl over simmering water, melting them together, melting the butter and chocolate separately and then combining them - each time the result has been the chocolate seizes a bit when combined with the melted butter, and is then quite thick when I spread it over the rice bubble mixture. I suspect I may need to let the butter cool a bit before adding it to the chocolate, though next time I think I might just up the chocolate to 250g and dispense with the butter, though that would mean the topping will be a lot firmer when set - which could have its advantages, but would probably be easier to slice it it before the chocolate is fully hard.

Here you can see how thick the melted chocolate and butter mixture was because it had seized slightly. It tasted fine; it wasn't grainy, but it probably wasn't as glossy as it could have been. I decided to take advantage of the thick chocolate and butter mixture this time to make a pattern in the top using my Wilton decorating triangle.

Place in fridge again to allow the topping to set before slicing. Use a hot dry knife to slice into approx. 20-24 squares.

These are so much yummier than chocolate crackles, which tend to either be rock hard when they have just come out of the fridge, or else soft and melted and falling apart. This slice on the other hand is firm if eaten straight from the fridge (but not hard), or slightly gooey (in a scrumptious way - like soft caramel) if left to warm a little at room temperature. It also doesn't leave you with the unpleasant aftertaste that the copha in traditional chocolate crackles leaves. Very very moreish!

Source of recipe : Biscuit & Slice Bible by Virginia Heywood (2007).

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