Sunday, July 19, 2009

Honey-baked pumpkin risotto

This recipe is from Valli Little and can be found here on the Taste website. The only changes I made to the recipe were to lightly spray the pumpkin cubes with olive oil rather than drizzle with 2 tbs oil, and I used chicken stock instead of vegetable stock as that was what I had available, but I think chicken stock is a tastier option for cooking risotto for non-vegetarians anyway. It worked out to 6.5p / serve (using Pantalica brand mascarpone which was a lot lower in fat than the other brand stocked by my local Woolworths).

honey-roasted butternut pumpkin

Stirring the risotto - still slightly chalky in the centre here.

Simmering chicken stock - I included this photo mostly because
I love my Nigella Living Kitchen enamel ladle :)

Adding the parsley and lemon juice (I also love my
lemon / lime squeezer!).

The completed risotto served with a dollop of
mascarpone and a drizzle of honey :p

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