Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Licence to grill!

I have been coveting a grill pan for awhile now so that I can have nice charred lines on my meat. I originally intended to get a new electric health grill, my old one having sustained a broken hinge at a friend's birthday party about 5 years ago. But my experience with non-stick coatings on electrical appliances hasn't been the best lately, so my second thought was to purchase a really good quality pan with a nonstick surface. But all nonstick surfaces eventually wear, so I decided in the end to pay a little extra and invest in a Le Creuset which should last a lifetime.

This is my very first item of Le Creuset, and I was very excited as you'll probably gather from the photos of my new baby below! I was tossing up between the cobalt blue (gorgeous), dune, or kiwi, but decided to go with the kiwi. When I eventually get some other Le Creuset pieces, I might go for the cobalt blue, though currently I have my eye on a risotto pot in kiwi.

I love the graduation of colour from darker at the base
to less saturated towards the top.

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